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Welcome to my official web site – just another midwestern kid who fell into a life in showbiz!  (Oh, all right, maybe I tried a little bit.)

I'm happy you dropped by.  This site's still under construction (and the way things are going, probably will be for the rest of my life).  So there'll be continuing changes as I add to the site and make updates here and there.

For the moment, most of the basics are covered, and I hope you'll forgive me for how long it's taking to get the site completed.  I'm doing my best, but often there's just not enough time to do everything that should be done.

Please, do me a favor!  If you find a broken link, or some aspect of the site that doesn't seem to be working – let me know, and I'll get on it as quickly as I can.

So for now, please make yourself at home.

If you're looking for my thoughts on becoming a voice actor,
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